Normally when individuals consider Bankruptcy in Hervey Bay they have no awareness of just what a Trustee is, but really they are one of the most crucial people for the next few years of your life. They have power over a lot of your assets and decisions you can make.


When managing the possibility of Bankruptcy it is challenging to see clearly and tricky to be certain that you have made the most ideal option. It is because of that you need to ensure that you are receiving qualified suggestions along with making sure you talk this through with your loved ones for encouragement. One of the biggest main reasons that you should seek expert guidance when it concerns Bankruptcy in Hervey Bay is considering that they will arrange to really tell you about not just what will impair you right now, but what Bankruptcy will mean for the next few years of your life.

So who or exactly what is the Trustee?

The Trustee is practically the individual put in charge of overseeing your bankruptcy and taking action in the best interest of all people. They will make investigations and inquiries into your debts, they will appropriately take control of the debtor’s property and financial affairs, and they will keep track of what you can and can not do. In Hervey Bay this can also include your ability to take a trip internationally, operate certain kinds of business, or holding particular types of licences. Typically, if you look into Bankruptcy, you will notice that you will endure through a bankruptcy period of 3 years and 1 day, and throughout that time the Trustee is going to be a crucial figure– especially as if you violate any of the rules they can easily in fact prolong your bankruptcy to 5, or even 8 years!

Certainly there is a list of responsibilities that you have to fulfill when it concerns Bankruptcy– and finding out about the ramifications of all of it is among the essential reasons you should find expert recommendations. At Bankruptcy Experts Hervey Baywe provide a Free- No Commitment Consultation which you can establish from our website or call 1300 795 575.

However here is a simple overview of a few of your obligations to the trustee when insolvent

  1. Firstly you need to abide by all demands made by your trustee– this is rather easy, if your trustee asks you to carry out anything, or for a bit of relevant information about you or your business then you need to provide it. This additionally indicates that you will need to supply all books, statements, and other documents to the trustee.
  2. You need to tell the trustee in writing right away if you move home– they will have to always know how and where to contact you, or else it appears like you are planning to hide.
  3. You will need to seek the trustee’s consent ahead of time prior to going abroad. Regardless if it is an emergency situation or dilemma, you still will need to ask for consent– you may also need to give up your passport to the trustee if requested.
  4. You need to tell the trustee immediately if you realise that you failed to remember to acknowledge any details surrounding assets or creditors.
  5. You need to tell the trustee immediately if you get any new assets– this means your car or house in spite of how you obtain them. In fact, there is specific mention within the rules that you need to also update the trustee if you acquire any money or prizes, or if you inherit anything as the recipient of a deceased estate.

As you can see, the entire process of Bankruptcy is complex, and the trustee truly is a powerful figure throughout the whole process. They have the ability to make the process operate smoother, or to refuse specific actions, but ultimately they are present to act as an unbiased third party position in between you and the individuals you are obligated to repay money to.

With any luck you have found out a little bit from this and you now understand that there is a great deal of demanding components to Bankruptcy and that you have to make certain you are obtaining the best suggestions and recognizing all of the complications of commitments put on you when Insolvent– especially how crucial the trustee could be. If you have any queries or issues about anything here, or if you want to cover Bankruptcy generally, then please get in contact with us here at Bankruptcy Experts Hervey Baywe for a Free Consultation with no obligations which you can establish from our website or call 1300 795 575.